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The first time I set pen to paper was to write in my journal as a 13-year-old. Those experiences ignited my love for expressing myself through writing. I have written dozens of articles for the school's magazine and won a journalism award back home in Indonesia. Since then, I have realized that my passion is to help the under-represented to gain a voice in the community. Through my writing, I believe that I can fulfill my passion for communication and beyond.

Listed below are writing samples that I have completed during my studies as a Professional Communication Post Degree Diploma student at Douglas College.


From a Communication Assistant Intern to a founding partner at Munro Thompson Inc., Amanda Munro continued to strive even through the darkest points of her life.

Digital materials and guides that includes the information needed to run Wildflower Stay's  social media.

Cream and Brown Elegant Beauty Brand Gui

A project made for Introduction to The Communication Profession class. An online newsletter about book recommendations called "The Grown Up Bedtime Story List".

Writing   /   Photography   /   Design   /   Visual Merchandising   /   Fashion Campaign

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